Aluminum Ornamental Fencing Supplies in New Castle, Delaware

Aluminum Ornamental Fence Supplies Delaware

We offer Two brands of aluminum ornamental fencing: Jerith™ and SPECRAIL™ .

JERITH offers heights for standard residential fencing of 3, 42″, 4, 54″, 57″, 5 and 6 feet. Commercial and industrial-grade fencing is available in white, black, and bronze, and comes in 6- and 8-foot-long sections.

Residential colors include:    • White       • Black       • Bronze

SPECRAIL  also offers a standard length of 6 feet, with heights ranging between 4 to 8 feet, and comes in black, white, or bronze. Both JERITH and SPECRAIL  both offer pool compliance fencing, which meets swimming pool enclosure codes developed by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. These specific heights are 4′ two rail, 54 and 57 inches.

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